Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joint is a firm, small joint that lies at the junction of the spine and the pelvis. Pain arising from the sacroiliac joint is a common cause of low back pain. Pain is often localized to one side of the low back but can be on both sides as well. Pain can also radiate to the groin, posterior thigh and on occasion below the knee.

The pain can range from an ache to sharp pain. Difficulty turning over in bed, struggling to put on shoes and socks and stiffness in the lower back when getting up after sitting for long periods is also common. Treatment of Sacroiliac pain often includes antiinflammatory medication and physical therapy. Sacroiliac joint injection can give pain relief as well assistance in diagnosing the source of pain. This injection often conducted with a numbing medicine and cortisone to calm down inflammation in the joint.

If significant temporary relief is obtained by injection but long lasting relief cannot be obtained, your doctor may consider radiofrequency treatment. This involves the placement of multiple radiofrequency needles within the joint space or adjacent to the nerves that supply the joint. The goal is to temporarily disable the pain nerves supplying the joint. This typically lasts for several months when effective.

Pre Injection Instructions

If you are anxious about your procedure, sedation can be provided. If you choose this option you must meet the following criteria:

  • Come to your appointment with a responsible adult driver
  • Fast for at least 6-8 hours prior to our appointment time. Morning medications can be taken with a sip of water no later than 2 hours prior to you appointment time. Exceptions may include diabetic medications, in this case please call the office for specific instructions
  • If you are taking blood thinners or supplements, we may ask that you discontinue them prior to your procedure. Never stop these medications without approval from the physician prescribing them.

Here is a short list of blood thinners and the amount of days they should be discontinued prior to your procedure:

Acenocoumarol 3 days
Agggrenox 7 days
Aggrastat 24 hours
Arixtra 4 days
Asprin 7 days
Brillinta 7 days
Edoxaparin 2 days
Efflent 7 days
Eliquis 3 days
Heparin 8 hours
Integrillin 24 hours
Lovenox 12 hours
Pentoxil  2 days
Plavix  7 days
Pletal  7 days
Pradaxa  6 days
ReoPro  3 days
Ticlid  14 days
Warfarin/Coumadin  5 days
Xarelto 3 days

Please call our office if your blood thinner is not listed.

If you are taking any supplements such as Fish Oil, Garlic, Ginseng, Vitamin A&E, Ginger, Kava Kava, Clove, White Willow bark, or Gingko please stop these 7 days prior to your procedure.

   Sacroiliac Joint
 Arthritic and inflamed sacroiliac joint
 Sacroiliac Joint X-ray Image
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